A Year of Photos - My Photography Progress

It’s been over a year now since I really started pushing my photography. Sometimes it can be hard to see any progress when you’re staring at the same set of photos for hours, but it’s so important to take a step back and look at how far you’ve come and the changes in your work. This can apply to pretty much anything in life - artistically, in your work, in your first relationship that hasn’t failed miserably, ANYTHING (but that’s me speaking for myself).

While photographing my Grandad’s 70th birthday party last October, I was approached by friends of my parents to shoot their wedding in September the next year, which was now two months ago. This gave me essentially a deadline to really, REALLY work on my photo skills, which hopefully you’ll be able to see some improvement.


Now this was my first photoshoot pretty much since sixth form and it definitely wasn’t one of my best, I had no idea how to edit, and for the first half I was shooting in JPEG instead of RAW. Rookie error.


But luckily, Amber is always willing to be an unwilling model. Fast forward just under a year, we went into our local forest and came away with this art. Who knew that all you needed for a great shoot was a tiara and the new Ariana Grande album on repeat?

Amber dressed in a cape and crown during our Forest Queen shoot


Whenever me and Connor get together, some interesting photos are gonna come out at the end. The first photoshoot we ever did was about a year ago, in the back of our local arts centre with a single flashgun with the one brief. “Lets get weird”. We’ve got black and white, we’ve got split toning, we’ve got ALL sorts of mayhem going on.


Fast forward past a LOT of shoots with Connor, some quick and impromptu, some with a lot of preparation and ideas, to this. Possibly my favourite shoot to date. It was a nice way to practice using my new gear (Connor is my guinea pig 100%) and we got some sick shots out of it. I mean, who doesn’t want to throw a pint of water over your best friends head?

My studio shoot with Connor using red and blue coloured light and water

Bloggers and Influencers

Last year I knew that I wanted to start shooting bloggers, and with a handy few hashtags and a bit of networking, I got my first few blogger shoots. I was still very much a beginner when I ended up shooting three bloggers at once, around Notting Hill, in blinding sunlight, so it was definitely a steep learning curve. I wasn’t sure how to direct, or frame, or how to do much at all really, I just knew I wanted to get that Instagram blogger-style edit. Oh 2018 me, wyd?

One of my first blogger photoshoots last summer

These days, I’ve learned a lot more about lighting, framing and editing (I’m still by NO means an expert, I’m still improving with every shoot), and I’ve created a real style to my photos. I’ve grown more confident in every one of my shoots and I’d love to find more bloggers and influencers to create content for.

My most recent shoot with influencer Jess in Richmond, making use of the Autumn leaves

Live Music

My very first gig that I shot was so long ago now, I don’t even have evidence of it anymore. So let’s start with my first gig of 2018. It was the first I’d done in around a year, and it was the first time I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and messaged Mellor, a local band about coming down to a gig in one of our tiny local venues. I was nervous beyond belief, but, armed with my favourite prism, I pulled off some pretty sick shots.

A shot from my first gig of 2018, shooting local band Mellor

Over the last year I’ve done so much with my music photography and I couldn’t be much happier with it. I’ve worked with Mellor a couple more times since, but also shot the likes of Miles Kane, Blossoms and YUNGBLUD. My goal for 2018 was to secure my first photo pass, which I managed to hit by June. So naturally I upgraded my end of year goal to something slightly more ambitious. How about shooting at O2 Academy Brixton? Legendary venue that so many of my favourite bands have played? Two weeks left of the year and completed it mate. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a big, stupid grin on my face as when I got confirmation, and the shoot itself was incredible.

A shot of Miles Kane at O2 Academy Brixton in December 2018, my first time shooting at the venue

Last year I really pushed myself and my photography and it’s really started to pay off. And one thing I’m excited for is to see where this year will take me. Being the absolute organisation queen I am, I’ve already set out my main goals for this year and each step it’s gonna take to get there. Wish me luck!

If any of these photos have caught your eye, drop me a message and we can chat about creating some content together. Click on the button below or DM me on instagram or twitter!

Blossoms at O2 Academy Brixton

This gig came as a bit of a surprise to me, having received the confirmation email to shoot Blossoms at O2 Academy Brixton, two days before the gig, three weeks after I sent the initial email and got only tumbleweeds in response. I couldn’t complain though, because this meant I got to shoot my favourite venue for two weeks in a row.

However, this one was NO where near as straight forward as Miles Kane the week before. I don’t know what we’ve done, but Blossoms’ lighting tech must really hate photographers.

The thing with shooting live music, is you tend to only get the first three songs and then you’re out on your arse. So it’s probably best to pray to the gods of good lighting that you’ll be lucky. Not this time, sucker.

The entirety of the first two songs, the lighting set was made up of low light and strobe flashes. RIP Jodes. Red and blue flashes, just really setting me up to spend hours trying to make these images somewhat visually appealing in Lightroom later on.

My third and final song was where I came into my own - well, I didn’t really have a choice. Honey Sweet, also one of my favourite Blossoms songs treated me to some slow and steady. Cue holding down the shutter button for a whole three minutes just to get those shots up.

And then that was it, my night’s work was over, all in about 9 minutes. And within a whirlwind 48 hours, my article was edited and live. If you’re actually interested in having a look at my article, have a gander here!

Or, if you’re in a band and are in need of coverage for your upcoming live shows, drop me a message!