Blossoms at O2 Academy Brixton

This gig came as a bit of a surprise to me, having received the confirmation email to shoot Blossoms at O2 Academy Brixton, two days before the gig, three weeks after I sent the initial email and got only tumbleweeds in response. I couldn’t complain though, because this meant I got to shoot my favourite venue for two weeks in a row.

However, this one was NO where near as straight forward as Miles Kane the week before. I don’t know what we’ve done, but Blossoms’ lighting tech must really hate photographers.

The thing with shooting live music, is you tend to only get the first three songs and then you’re out on your arse. So it’s probably best to pray to the gods of good lighting that you’ll be lucky. Not this time, sucker.

The entirety of the first two songs, the lighting set was made up of low light and strobe flashes. RIP Jodes. Red and blue flashes, just really setting me up to spend hours trying to make these images somewhat visually appealing in Lightroom later on.

My third and final song was where I came into my own - well, I didn’t really have a choice. Honey Sweet, also one of my favourite Blossoms songs treated me to some slow and steady. Cue holding down the shutter button for a whole three minutes just to get those shots up.

And then that was it, my night’s work was over, all in about 9 minutes. And within a whirlwind 48 hours, my article was edited and live. If you’re actually interested in having a look at my article, have a gander here!

Or, if you’re in a band and are in need of coverage for your upcoming live shows, drop me a message!