Live Music, Tours and Press Shots

Live Music Coverage


I can be your music photographer to help capture that first gig feeling, one-off gigs, festival shots and more. Think vivid colours that take you right back to the energy of playing live, warm hues for vulnerable moments on stage plus candid backstage and soundcheck shots to give your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your pre-gig rituals. 

I’ll send you your music photos via a WeTransfer link within three days.

Live music photography shoot prices start from £75.

Take Me On Tour


OK I’ll come on tour with you and be your personal tour photographer if you *really* want… We can work out what kind of shots you want to get from your music tour photography (shots of you and the fans, shots of the fans, profile shots of each of the band members etc) and where you want to use the photos. And then I’ll be wherever you need me to be – backstage, front of stage, side of stage, on the balcony, I’m there!

I’ll send you your music photos via a WeTransfer link before your next show, even if that is tomorrow! 

Send me a message and I can give you a call to discuss what you’d like to get from your tailored tour package and give you a better idea of prices.


Press Shots


Singer and band promo shoots can take place in a studio, or outside to get some natural shots that show your fans who you and your band really are. We can work together to pick a location that best suits your personality (or personalities) and music style. And you’ll have loads of shots to choose from for your band artwork, social and tour promo. 

I’ll send you your music promo photos via a WeTransfer link within 3 days.

Band photoshoot prices start from £60.

Contact Me

My bright and colourful music shots will take your fans back to a night they’ll never forget or make them feel like they were right there.

If you think I’m a good match for your music, drop me a message using the contact form, or if you’d rather message me directly, send me an email to

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